Kate Noble


Kate at RWA 2011 Kate at the 2012 booksigning for the Romance Writers of America in Anaheim, CA.

Meet Kate

They say if you scratch the surface of a cynic, you find a romantic. As a typical middle child, Kate Noble spent a good portion of her early life developing a crusty exterior, while quietly nursing a whimsical, nougat-y core. This led her, quite naturally, to romance novels at a young age.

Nurturing the affect of the artistic emo kid, long before emo existed, Kate was also drawn into the world of cinematic storytelling, eventually going to college to study Television and Film Production. While she discovered she had no skill at camera placement or sound editing, she did have a talent for writing the scripts. But certain types of stories she wanted to tell – the ones with empire-waist dresses and Dukes and carriages, the kind she had been reading in secret since she was thirteen – were best suited to novel form. And so, she gave novel writing a try.

Kate Noble reading at the Lady Jane Salon Kate Noble reading at the Lady Jane Salon.

Fourteen months after this momentous decision, low and behold, she had a finished draft, Compromised. She revised and submitted, revised and submitted, and shockingly, got an agent, and thereafter a contract with Berkley Sensation.

Kate is the national bestselling author of the acclaimed Blue Raven Series, earning starred reviews from Library Journal and Publisher’s Weekly (Follow My Lead), as well as a spot on the Best Romance list from Kirkus Reviews (The Summer of You) and a RITA nomination for best Regency Historical Romance (Revealed). Her latest, The Game and the Governess, was named to Publishers Weekly’s Best of Summer 2014 list.

When not writing romance, Kate writes for the screen. Her latest projects include the Emmy-award winning web-series The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, and The Librarians on TNT. To read more about this side of Kate’s life, go here

Kate lived in New York City for a number of years before moving to Los Angeles, and would be unable to declare which city is her favorite – weather vs. culture remains the eternal debate.