The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

I am a TV junkie.  Its really quite sad how much TV I follow, and how long I have nurtured my addiction.  As a child, I could have gone outside, gotten some sun, played soccer in the yard… but no, there was too much good stuff on TV!  When I was 16, my mom, fed up with me constantly commandeering the TV room, (and since I still managed to get pretty darn good grades), bought me my own tiny little 14 inch TV/VCR combo.  I watched the 6 hour Pride and Prejudice on that TV, on a borrowed copy that my friend taped off of masterpiece theater when it first aired.

So, yes, I love TV.  Believe me when I tell you that my favorite week of the year just occurred:  Premiere week.  The week when the vast majority returning shows come back and pick up where their May cliffhangers, and when the new shows premiere to fanfare and applause!  Here’s a rundown of some of the NEW shows (not the returning ones, because this blog is not that long) that I watched this week:

lone-star-fox-tv-show-image-3-476x600Lone Star – Um Guys?  This show is REALLY GOOD.  Like, brilliantly good.  A con man finds himself leading a double life, one where he is a small town guy, and one where he is the up and coming executive at a huge texas oil company.  It is heartfelt and complex, thankfully not another procedural, and desperately needs people to watch it – pronto.  The head writer made this plea on his blog.  Listen to his plea, people.

boardwalk-empire-la-1-14-10Boardwalk Empire The 1920s must have been a lot of fun.  And the way Martin Scorcese shoots it, really pretty.  This dark tale of gangster businessmen in Prohibition Era Atlantic City is more like a weekly movie.  I’m intrigued by Steve Buscemi’s Nucky Thompson, but I’m not committed yet – I want to see where it goes before I judge.

hawaii-five-o-remakeHawaii Five-Oh – ok, so this is totally another procedural.  And it’s a reboot of an 80s procedural, so in my love of narrative storytelling, that’s two strikes.  BUT:  Alex O’Loughlin is cute. And he has really great chemistry with Scott Caan, so it’s a lot of fun to watch them.  Total potential here.

the_event_nbc_tv_show_logoThe Event – so, this one is about an Event?  Of some kind of something happens and there’s a guy on a cruise ship who’s girlfriend disappears and he has to stop her father from crashing a plane into the president who’s in Miami?  I can tell it was well made, but I seriously have no clue what was going on.

undercovers-promo-pic_400x400Undercovers – So, what if Mr. and Mrs. Smith got out of the business and ran a catering company?  But then got roped back into being secret agents?  Wacky hijinks and an overuse of the word ‘Sexpionage’, that’s what.   This one was really shiny, but I don’t know if I personally will be going back for a second episode.  I suffer from banter and procedural fatigue.

Whew!  And that’s only a portion of what I’ve seen.  Is it any wonder that I only managed to get through 3 books this month?  In accordance with my challenge, that means I’ll have 3 books for my giveaway on Friday, Oct. 1st!   You lucky, lucky people!

Until then, happy reading everyone!