Get Ready to Fall!

Are you ready with the confetti?  How about the cake?  Someone brought cake, right?  Oh, good.  Because what’s a party without cake?

What am I celebrating, you say?  Well, if you have to ask, you’re obviously new around here.  That’s okay, we saved a slice of cake for you.  I’m celebrating because it is *finally* April 3rd, and that means that *finally* If I Fall is on the shelves!  I am so excited to be able to share the story of Sarah Forrester (last seen getting her heart broken in Follow My Lead) and her childhood friend Lieutenant Jackson Fletcher.  Oh, there are some other people in there, too.  Some infamous spies, some Burmese aristocrats, some French counts, some society busy bodies.  But at it’s core, it’s a bout Jack and Sarah, figuring out that they are the ones who will be there to catch the other when they fall.

Appetite whetted yet?  Why not read an excerpt before you order your copy?  How about the juicy Noble Notes, that offer an inside peek as to the behind the scenes research of writing If I Fall.

But, you may ask, does this book release warrant both confetti and cake?  That seems a bit excessive for one measly little book, doesn’t it?  Well, it’s not just one measly little book (and I take umbrage at you calling any work of over 100,000 words “measly”) – it’s two!  Not only does If I Fall come out today, but so does my special e-novella, The Dress of the Season!

The Dress of the Season is about Harris Dane, Viscount Osterley, who orders a scandalously dress for a woman he wishes to woo – but it accidentally (along with his affectionate note) ends up being delivered to his ward, Miss Felicity Grove!  And that’s only the first mix-up, that forces these two stubborn people to see each other with new – and more appreciative – eyes.  Love always seems to be in the last place you look.

The Dress of the Season is available on an e-reader near you now, and its book page also features a wonderfully funny excerpt and some interesting Noble Notes.

To truly celebrate today, I’m kicking the blog tour into high gear!  Today, I’ll be visiting with RomConInc, talking about those first crushes that wake us up to Romance — just like the crush Sarah used to have on the Blue Raven…

Not enough to justify the mess of confetti, you say?  Well, how’s this:  I have just posted a brand new website contest!  The prize this time is my ENTIRE autographed backlist, plus, a $25 gift card from Amazon, so you can complete your Kate Noble collection.

Okay, I’m going to go bite into some fabulous cake now.  I’m starving.  I know I say it often, but this time I truly mean it, kids:  Happy Reading, everyone!