Times Two.

First of all, I have spread a little self-love. (ew, not like that.)  I have learned that Let It Be Me is a Romantic Times Top Pick!  I am bowled over by the honor and their lovely review (there’s a paywall, so I’m gonna post the pertinent part here):

Noble’s latest enchants with a tale that touches readers on many levels. The growth of her characters, the romantic setting and the addition of music to her deliciously passionate world demonstrates why Noble is a fan favorite. For those seeking a wonderful, meaningful love story, Let It Be Me is it.

I mean, come on.  That’s pretty great.  You know what is also great?  Announcing new winners in my website contest.

I missed the drawing last week, as I was out of town, but I am making up for it by drawing TWO winners!  And without further ado, said winners are…


Congrats to you both!  You have each won an autographed copy of If I Fall.  We’ll email, it’ll be awesome.  You know the drill.

As for everyone else, this contest is going to close soon, but very, very soon, there will be another!  So keep your eyes open for it.  And also keep your eyes open for some new updates and information on the website!  I’m going to be posting some events, and some tantalizing new Let It Be Me info in the coming days.

Until next time sweets, happy reading!