Longest. Contest. Ever.

Hello!  It has been a while.  Spring has melded into summer and I can’t believe it’s time already to draw a winner for my website contest – aka, the longest contest ever, because it ran for three months while I was busy bringing Let It Be Me out into the world.  (which by the way, I’ve updated the Let It Be Me page with some of the reviews, and have you seen the video yet?)

But, the time has come so, the winner of my website contest is…


Congratulations, Renee!  You have won an autographed copy of If I Fall!  We will email, it will be fun.   As for everyone else, thank you so much for your entries – I am actually giving myself a break from running contests –but just for the summer.  I’m on deadline right now for the next book and it’s taking up all of my brainspace (see how rarely I’ve blogged of late?  That’s why.)  Prepare yourselves for a big and awesome contest come the fall. :)

I hope everyone is gearing up for an amazing summer, and until after my deadline… happy reading!