Back, and the Future!

Hello!  How was your summer?  All the kids back to school?  The humidity finally leaving the atmosphere?  Have we sweated through all the flimsy summer clothes and ready to embrace our starchy tweeds?  I know I am.

The big news of (my) summer is… that I wrote another book.  (Hence why I’ve been slightly absent from the blog of late.  My apologies.  But hey, Book!)   But the interesting thing about it is that I wrote it for a new publisher.  My next series of historical romances will be published by Pocket (Simon & Schuster).

“But Kate!” you say, feverishly clutching pearls, “you’re not going to publish the next set with Berkley (Penguin)?  Why?  Did something happen?  Tell me all the juicy details!”

Yeah, no.  No juicy details.  This happens all the time in publishing, folks.  I love the people at Berkley, and am so grateful to have gotten to work with them on my previous books.  And who knows, I may work with them again.  There are authors out there who publish with multiple houses, in multiple genres.  But at this point in time, it was the right move for me.

“But Kate!” you say, practically passing out at this point due to lack of air, “what does this mean for your books?”

Um, it means that there will be more books?  My release schedule will be vaguely the same as before?  So, no huge changes there.

“Oh Phew!” you say, collapsing languidly in relief, “I’m so pleased!  I’ve been dying to read Amanda Forrester’s story since the end of Let It Be Me!”

Uh, about that…

When publishing with a new house, they want new: new stories, new people, new life!  Which means that all the characters from my other books will have to stay put for a little while.  And unfortunately, this also means that Amanda Forrester (the little sister of Sarah from If I Fall, and Bridget from Let It Be Me) will not be getting her story told at present.   My next novel will have all new characters and all new storylines.  But again – who knows!  There may be a time in the future when Amanda can finally step out of her sisters’ shadows.

But right now, I’m incredibly excited to be working with my new editor (hi Abby!) and my new publishers.  And I hope you’ll enjoy reading the next book as much as I did writing it.

Once you get up off the floor, that is.  Really, the flailing is becoming unseemly.

Until later, my lovelies – happy reading!