The Auspicious (and Protracted) Release of A Grosvenor Square Christmas!

“Hey guys – I know that we are all just SWIMMING in free time right now… wanna do a holiday anthology with me?”

That’s (basically) the email that Shana Galen sent to me, Vanessa Kelly, and Anna Campbell a few months ago, while we were all amid deadlines, project promotion, and just plain life craziness.  But for some insane reason, we all said yes.

A Grosvenor Square ChristmasThe result is four funny heartwarming stories of one particular mansion on Grosvenor Square, and it’s mistress, Lady Winterson.  Over the years, her Christmas Ball becomes known for all the couples that fall in love in her ballroom and kiss under her mistletoe.

And we had this idea… that we would give it away for FREE.  Just think of it as our Christmas gift to you.  In October.

We are very very proud of our little anthology, and now it is finally out in the world!  A Grosvenor Square Christmas is available on almost all major e-retailers for absolutely 100% free!

(Caveat: Now, I say mostly, because Amazon does not price anything for free unless it’s reported as being listed as free somewhere else first.  And believe me, we’ve reported it.  So, while we wait for them to get on the ball, it’s still priced at 0.99 on Amazon.)

ETA 10/20/13 — Amazon has just changed the price to free!  Hurray! 

Intrigued?  Well why don’t you read an excerpt of my story in the anthology, The Last First Kiss?… and while you’re here, check out my contest!  The prize is books from each of us: me, Shana Galen, Vanessa Kelly, and Anna Campbell.  THAT would make for a very merry holiday, indeed.

Until next time, sweets – happy reading!