Kate Noble

Connected Books

(updated April 2013!)

One of the most common questions I get (other than, is my hair naturally curly, the answer to which can be found here) is “Are your books connected?”

The short answer to which is Yes.  But no.  But yes. But no.  But yes.  (Little Britain fans, that was for you.)

The longer answer is they all exist in the same universe – that is, they all have overlapping characters – but they were each written as a stand alone story, and not part of a formal series.  Therefore, I feel confident that if you wanted to read them out of written order, you would be well able to follow the story.

“Okay,” you’ll say, brow furrowing, unsure which one to pick up, “but how are they connected exactly?”

Well, for that, I offer this handy guide:


All of my books are stand alone, but for purposes of ease, I will list them in the order that I wrote them (note: NOT chronological order.  There’s a difference.  You’ll see.)

1.  Compromised. Set in 1829, this story features sisters Gail and Evangeline Alton, their diplomat father, Sir Geoffrey Alton, and Viscount Maximillian Fontaine.


Tertiary Characters you’ll meet include Mr. Henry Ellis, head of the British Museum, and Lady Charlbury, a leading society matron.




2. Revealed. Set in 1816 (note: 13 years before my previous book), this story focuses on Mrs. Phillippa Benning, a society queen, and Marcus Worth, an operative for the government.

Secondary characters you’ll meet: Phillippa has an arch nemesis in Lady Jane Cummings, and Marcus has a brother named Byrne.  Phillippa also has a companion, Mrs. Tottendale, known as Totty.

Tertiary characters: Lady Charlbury makes a notable appearance, as does Lady Jane’s father, the Duke of Rayne.  The modiste Madame LeTrois is often mentioned.


3.  The Summer of You.  Set in 1816, directly after the events of Revealed.  This story is about Lady Jane Cummings, who travels north and re-meets Byrne Worth.  The Summer of You and Revealed are my most directly connected books.

Secondary Characters: Lady Jane’s brother Jason and her father the Duke of Rayne play a significant role in this story. And Phillippa and Marcus from Revealed make an appearance.

Tertiary Characters: Once again, Lady Charlbury is mentioned.


4.     Follow My Lead. Set in 1822, six years after the events of The Summer of You.  This story focuses on Jason Cummings — Jane’s brother — now the Duke of Rayne, and Miss Winnifred Crane, an art historian.

Secondary Characters: Phillippa and Marcus from Revealed, as well as Jane and Byrne from The Summer of You are present in this book.  As is Totty – Phillippa’s companion from Revealed.  She is a family friend of Miss Winnifred Crane.  And Miss Sarah Forrester and her parents feature heavily in the beginning and end of this story.

Tertiary characters: Gail and Evangeline Alton, their father Sir Geoffrey Alton, and Mr. Henry Ellis – all from Compromised – make an appearance in this book.  But since Follow My Lead is set seven years before the events of Compromised, the Alton sisters are much younger – tween-aged – in this story.


5. If I Fall. Set in 1823, this story follows directly after the events of Follow My Lead — in fact, the opening scene of this book is one of the final scenes of Follow My Lead, but told from a different character’s perspective.  If I Fall is the tale of Sarah Forrester, who was engaged to Jason, the Duke of Rayne for a time, and her childhood friend, Lieutenant Jackson Fletcher.

Secondary Characters: Again, Phillippa and Marcus from Revealed are featured, but much more heavily in this story.  And Byrne from The Summer of You makes an appearance.  Sarah’s family — her mother, father, and sisters Bridget and Amanda — have a significant presence as well.

Tertiary characters: Lord Fieldstone — last seen in Revealed as the head of the War Department, makes an appearance, and the modiste Madame LeTrois (who garbs most of my heroines) is mentioned as well.


5 1/2:  The Dress of the Season. This e-novella is set in 1823, during the same time period as the events of If I Fall.  The story centers on Harris Dane,Viscount Osterley, and his beautiful ward, Miss Felicity Grove.

Secondary Characters: That eternal busybody, Phillippa Worth from Revealed pops up again, as does her go-to modiste, Madame LeTrois.




6: Let It Be Me. This story is set in 1824, and travels from London, to Venice and back again, with a brief sojourn to Vienna.  Bridget Forrester (sister to Sarah from If I Fall) is a brilliant pianist — but needs some help overcoming stage fright.  The help comes in the form of Oliver Merrick, a half English, half Italian theater owner in Venice, Italy.

Secondary Characters: Bridget’s younger sister Amanda and her mother play a large role, as they travel with her.  Also, Bridget’s piano instructor and renowned composer Vincenzo Carpenini is a force to be reckoned with.

Tertiary Characters: Lady Phillippa Worth gets mentioned.  Sarah Forrester and her husband Jack Fletcher are mentioned as well, but are for the most part off being happily newlywed.

So that’s how they are all connected.  I reiterate: all of the books were written with stand alone plots, and therefore can be read completely out of order.   However, if you’re really, REALLY, a stickler for order in all things, I recommend either reading them in the order written (Compromised, Revealed, The Summer of You, Follow My Lead, If I Fall, Let It Be Me) or chronological order (Revealed, The Summer of You, Follow My Lead, If I Fall, Let It Be Me, Compromised).

Much writing awaits me this week – all vacation is over and work must resume.  Therefore, until later, kiddies, Happy Reading!